Top Notch Flirting

  • Carl: Hey Phillip, how are you doing?
  • Phillip: I'm fine and you?
  • Carl: Oh I think you are as fine as wine but I asked how you were doing silly.

tango dancer | Tumblr en We Heart It.


tango dancer | Tumblr en We Heart It.

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Da Dumm Tssh

I used to work at a math and reading center for little kids, around elementary age, and they were always curious about my life outside of the center. What my classes were like, if I had any roommates, how difficulty was my homework. A big curiosity was if I was dating anyone and what they were like. Every new batch of kids would ask so eventually I crafted prepared responses. The conversations then went something like this…

KIDS: Do you have a girlfriend?

ME: I do

KIDS: (all excited) ooohhhh, what’s her name?!

ME: Chemistry and we have the best carbon dates. 

And so for the longest time the kids there believed I was dating someone named Chemistry while the other co-workers would just role their eyes. 

From the Tango Element Festival in Baltimore. I could help but enjoy the same-sex pair, they looked like they were having lots of fun. 

Illness is a great teacher
Dana Reeve, the late wife of the late Christopher Reeve

Uncomfortably Comfortable

I went to a Unitarian church for an event celebrating the 10-year anniversary of marriage equality in Massachusetts. The same couple that got married at the church ten years ago was renewing their vows.

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Tutor Joke

  • Mark: Can I ask you a question?
  • Jamal: You already did, but you can ask another

Photos by Graciela Piccardi ( of the queer tango festival in Montreal. Because on the other side of the tango coin, of serious faces and dramatic poses, people can (and should) smile. 

A stunning and cheeky performance by Mariano Otero and Alejandra Heredia. I’m still wrapping my mind about those quick foot movements and pivots from Mariano. And props to Alejandra to leading someone bigger and larger than her so effortlessly.  

More Tidbits From Gay Flirting

Richard: Does size matter?

Andres: Of course. If you have a big heart and large smile, I’m already melting. 

Always a gift to receive another’s embrace.

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If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is part of yourself. What isn’t part of ourselves doesn’t disturb us.

Hermann Hesse (via theunquotables)

Too true. Point one finger, there are really pointing three back at you. 

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Tales From A Gay Dating App

It was off a recommendation that I made a profile on one of those ubiquitous gay dating apps. Some days later I got into a conversation with another guy, we’ll call him Adam, and we decided to meet for brunch at a nearby diner. Laughs were shared and the food was delicious.

We went for a walk talking and talking, eventually sitting by a bench. Both us continued the conversation easily and enjoyed watching the people go by. Eventually we lost track of time that he got a call from his family. They were wondering where Adam was as he was currently absent from a family member’s birthday party. Since Adam didn’t want to leave me hanging he invited me, on our first date, to meet his family.

And I agreed. And that was the crazy story of how I met a guy’s parents and family on a first date. 

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There is a whole genre of tango music that closely resembles and has ancestry with European waltzes. This part of tango, the tango vals, has some lovely, floaty 3/4 music pieces that are just a delight to dance and listen to. 

Mi Novia De Ayer

My Yesterday Love

For years mental health professionals taught people that they could be psychologically healthy without social support, that “unless you love yourself, no one else will love you.” Women were told that they didn’t need men, and vice versa. People without any relationships were believed to be as healthy as those who had many. These ideas contradict the fundamental biology of human species: we are social mammals and could never have survived without deeply interconnected and interdependent human contact. The truth is, you cannot love yourself unless you have been loved and are loved. The capacity to love cannot be built in isolation.
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