More Tidbits From Gay Flirting

Richard: Does size matter?

Andres: Of course. If you have a big heart and large smile, I’m already melting. 

Always a gift to receive another’s embrace.

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If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is part of yourself. What isn’t part of ourselves doesn’t disturb us.

Hermann Hesse (via theunquotables)

Too true. Point one finger, there are really pointing three back at you. 

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Tales From A Gay Dating App

It was off a recommendation that I made a profile on one of those ubiquitous gay dating apps. Some days later I got into a conversation with another guy, we’ll call him Adam, and we decided to meet for brunch at a nearby diner. Laughs were shared and the food was delicious.

We went for a walk talking and talking, eventually sitting by a bench. Both us continued the conversation easily and enjoyed watching the people go by. Eventually we lost track of time that he got a call from his family. They were wondering where Adam was as he was currently absent from a family member’s birthday party. Since Adam didn’t want to leave me hanging he invited me, on our first date, to meet his family.

And I agreed. And that was the crazy story of how I met a guy’s parents and family on a first date. 

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There is a whole genre of tango music that closely resembles and has ancestry with European waltzes. This part of tango, the tango vals, has some lovely, floaty 3/4 music pieces that are just a delight to dance and listen to. 

Mi Novia De Ayer

My Yesterday Love

For years mental health professionals taught people that they could be psychologically healthy without social support, that “unless you love yourself, no one else will love you.” Women were told that they didn’t need men, and vice versa. People without any relationships were believed to be as healthy as those who had many. These ideas contradict the fundamental biology of human species: we are social mammals and could never have survived without deeply interconnected and interdependent human contact. The truth is, you cannot love yourself unless you have been loved and are loved. The capacity to love cannot be built in isolation.
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Wit and Wisdom

  • Ethan: Mark this dessert is amazing. I think you’ve captured my heart.
  • Mark: Well they say the way to man’s heart is through his stomach
  • Doug: And the way to man’s stomach is through his shirt so please kindly take it off.
  • Conversations from a dinner table full of gay guys.

A private performance by Anton Gazenbeek and Sergio Segura. 

The most impressive part of their performance is when they dance briefly in synchronicity without touch. Around the 1:25 mark, the invisible connection, not the arms, is the basis for dancing tango and perhaps most dance forms.

That and there is live tango music in the background.

Remember Remember The 13th of November

for that is the day I came out!

 Yes a full year ago I came out and it’s been quite the adventure full of ups and downs and everything in between. For me this is New Year Eve, a time of reflection, new hopes, and different beginnings.

A list of small memorable moments from last year

-Getting to take a shower with a guy

-Avoiding relatives from South America

-Finding a plethora of LGBTQ films and new favorites

-Celebrating DOMA dying

Looking forward to what another gay year it will be

Dancing is a vertical expression of a horizontal desire.
A quote by Robert Frost and a very true one at that. I’ve encountered some couples that have met through tango and gotten married too. 

An open-role milonga which I attended photographed by Eduardo de Solar. His pictures captures the soft but nonetheless alluring side of argentine tango in these same-sex pairs.

Check out his gallery for more photos of the milonga and the rest of his work which includes scenic nature and avian wildlife shots.

Thanks For Sharing With Me

The broken kitchen faucet was finally going to get addressed. My schedule opened up at last so I could meet with the repair lady, let her in the apartment, and show her the problem. As she made a note of the parts that needed to be ordered, small talk ensued.

Repair Lady: Oh so you’re a student, what do you mainly do in your spare time?

Me: Oh mainly dancing. The area has a great tango community.

Repair Lady: Oh that’s nice. I know my wife has been trying to get me into taking salsa lessons since forever. 

Palpable pause…

Not out when this story takes place my mind was distracted by an erratic inner  monologue. 

"I should say something reaffirming. Think of something reaffirming to say. Don’t say something reaffirming. Maybe she just wants that part of her life to be no big deal. Why did she come out to me? Can she tell I’m a fellow friend? What about me tipped her off? Maybe she just feels safe around me. Her hand doesn’t have a ring, is it because the people she encounters aren’t that supportive?"

In the end I don’t remember precisely how the conversation continued or how I responded but it would be an experience I would take others through. 

It came true!

You Can Dance If You Want To

"Welcome to Queer Tango! You don’t have to be queer but it certainly helps if you are."

This is the tagline that gets thrown about during the introductory classes for queer tango here and it’s certainly true. Not everyone learning open role or role-reversal tango would fall under the queer umbrella. Some followers want to have more control over the musicality of their dance and initiate the partner asking. Some leaders want a chance to decorate with adornments and feel light on their feet.  

Silly case in point, I once invited an older gentleman over to the open-role classes. While not queer identifying, he really just wanted to learn both roles to improve his leading. And when practicing with someone who knows both roles, he could conveniently ask his follower tips or question on how to lead. 

It was certainly amusing though to see him getting asked to dance by lots of guys. He wasn’t expecting to be such a hit with the male crowd and took it with surprise, as an unexpected compliment.